How to Rent An Ice Cream Truck

Renting an ice cream truck is a unique way to bring some extra excitement to your event. Everyone loves the delicious taste of these frozen treats during the summer and what better way to draw attention to your business or party than with a in person visit handing out treats to those young and old. But with recent scares for health including H1N1, everyone should take proper precautions to make sure nothing happens as a result of the hiring.

The first determination that needs to be made is whether the company will be serving soft serve or pre-packaged. Many health organizations have different rules for these types of vendors depending on how they sell their product. Pre-packaged is often more regulated as the product comes to the ice cream truck operator already packaged and frozen. With soft serve, the product must be processed and ran through a machine to produce the ice cream on the spot. This process allows for more chances of problems.

Although many people prefer a freshly made treats from the soft serve ice cream truck, health regulations and scares have made the choice today for those trucks selling pre-packaged ice cream.

Some other tips that should be kept in mind to find out include also inquiring if the vehicle has passed the local area's health department and is licensed. Many, if not all, areas have such regulations and asking for proof is one way to insure that the vehicle has been inspected.

Making sure the vehicle is under automobile and business insurance is also another area that should be investigated. If there is a problem, you can be assured that the vendor has coverage for problems. Many events do require both business and vehicle coverage sometimes up to $1 million.

Asking for references and the source of the product is also another way to find a great company to make your day special and memorable.